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General Inquiries:  713-681-8433


Executive Director Debbie Markey 713-366-0371
Associate Director Pat Marks 713-366-0373
Development Director Keely Everett 713-366-0374
Adult Education Director Joe Blanton 713-366-0422
Facilities Manager James Crabb 713-366-0378
Volunteer Manager Lynne Hester 713-366-0375
Administrative Manager Michelle Meyer 832-525-0279
Nature Shop Manager Iris Taplin 713-366-0370
Registrar & Membership Grace Hsu
Rentals, Special Events, & Wedding Coordinator Carol Nicolaisen 713-366-0425
Conservation Team: Theo Ostler
Trevor Rubenstahl 713-366-0428
Naturalists: Lois Davis 713-366-0423
Naletta Galbraith 713-366-0376
Laurie Hudson 713-366-0424
Tiffany McElweenie 713-366-0379
Jen Chenault 713-366-0431
Boy & Girl Scout Programs Naletta Galbraith 713-366-0376
Eagle Scout Programs Trevor Rubenstahl 713-366-0428
Fax 713.681.1191
A dedicated corps of volunteers contribute over 13,000 hours of service to the Arboretum each year.