Springing Forward – our new website is here!

Spring always brings welcome change. The view outside our offices is of blooming bluebonnets, a budding chalk maple tree, beautiful white dewberry, and blue jays twittering away at the feeder…much more pleasant than the dreary drought scenery from even a month ago. There is more change afoot at the Arboretum, though, as spring is also bringing us a new website! We’re so excited about our new site, and hope that you all will be, too. Arboretum members will be given a username and password, and the site will automatically calculate pricing for programs based on membership level. Of course, non-members can register for all courses, too! You can check in here for posts about what’s going on at the Arboretum – learn about our wildlife, staff, and how we’re coping with the loss of many trees from the recent drought. As always, new technology brings new opportunities and aims to make things easier, but it can also bring new challenges. We hope that you’ll be patient with us as we work with you to make the new site everything you need it to be and more!
bluebonnet trail small 300x200 Springing Forward   our new website is here!

Bluebonnets blooming along the meadow

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