We ♥ Our Volunteers!

Like most non-profits, the Houston Arboretum relies heavily on the input from various volunteers from and around the Greater Houston area. Volunteers help us maintain our organizational strength. We cannot even begin to explain how grateful we are for the countless volunteers who join our team each week to help keep the Houston Arboretum clean and beautiful.

People decide to volunteer for a variety of reasons. Some want to gain hands on experience, obtain new skills, make new friends, or expand their network of contacts. Others truly just want to give back to their community or promote a worthwhile activity. Regardless of their reason for joining us, we are so lucky to benefit from the assistance of all of these wonderful volunteers!
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Having volunteers come in and help allows us to spread some of the hard work and labor that is necessary to the Arboretum’s sustainability among various people to get the job done. Since there is always more work to be done than people to actually do it, incorporating volunteers into the process not only lightens everyone’s load, but it also allows individuals to contribute to a great cause. Lower stress levels always make for happier people!

234 edited 1 220x300 We ♥ Our Volunteers! Having volunteers keeps our organization alive. You guys not only help us keep this place green and clean, but are the reason this place continues to stay up and running.

Here at the Arboretum, our volunteers come in all shapes and sizes. From Girl Scouts to Rice grads, we are lucky enough to host volunteers who are constantly active, new, and fresh. Our volunteers bring excitement and enthusiasm to their work; that type of attitude can truly transmit positive change and helps us stay motivated and complete any task!

Having volunteers not only helps us protect and restore the state of our grounds, but they also help get the word out about our organization. As many of you know, the Arboretum is one of Houston’s best kept secrets ;0

With all of that said, we just want to extend a warm and extremely grateful thank you to all of the volunteers who make the Arboretum the place we know and love. Without volunteers the Arboretum wouldn’t be the place that it is today.

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