Carol Tatkon Sensory Garden

Most of us enjoy the world around us with one of our senses, the sense of sight. Take time to walk around these paths and smell, touch and listen to the garden.


  • Pavonia – A member of the hibisicus family native to central Texas
  • Salvia or Tropical sage
  • Hollyhock


  • “Knockout” Rose – Very fragrant old fashioned rose
  • Spider Plant – This old fashioned annual has a musky odor and unusual spider like bloom.
  • Slender Mountain Mint – Native mint commonly found in open fields
  • Epazote – An herb used in Mexican cooking, epazote smells like chlorine
  • Mexican Mint Marigold – Crush the leaves to release the scent of this plant


  • Kidneywood – So many bees cover the vanilla scented blooms that this small tree seems to buzz. Blooms in spring.
  • Carolina Jessamine – This vine blooms in January providing a much needed nectar source in early winter. Listen for the bees feeding here.